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I think I’ve written about the ultra-savvy GM of the 76ers, Ed Stefanski before. He’s smart, articulate and understands solid medlia relations practices.

Stefanski held a conference call with 25 bloggers which is garnering heaps of praise especially in the same calendar year that Mark Cuban banned bloggers from the dressing room.

Respecting, valuing and engaging with your blogging beat is no longer a media relations luxury — it’s a necessity. You know you’re doing it right when they write this about you:

And they handled the whole thing with a smile. I didn’t feel for one second that in the minds of PR man Michael Preston, or Stefanski himself, they were talking to the JV.


Sixers GM reaches out to depressed fan

In what may be the best display of blogger relations ever, Philadelphia 76ers General Manager Ed Stefanski decided to contact and ultimately be interviewed by a blogger referring to himself as the “Depressed Fan.”

Sixers GM Ed Stefanski

The Sixers are a “rebuilding” team which means the NBA playoffs are probably a few years away and that can be hard to stomach for die-hard fans. Former Nets GM and Wall Street money man Stefanski had the foresight to engage the increasingly crowded sports blogging community which is going to go a long way in bridging some goodwill until he’s able to steer the team in a winning direction.

Hats off to Mr. Stefanski.