pitches creative to a tee

With apologies to golf metaphors, adulterous dating site has successfully launched a full-on marketing PR campaign based on merely the notion they might engage in, well, marketing.

The background:

  • attempts to purchase TTC advertising space and the Rocket (allegedly) refuses
  • Mock-ups of the ads are released and chaos ensues

That’s really it.

From a stactical prospective, this controversial service embraced controversy through (allegedly) sincere attempts to market using uncontroversial advertising media. The content of the ads are published for free using earned media with an explanation of what the service does. Gaining earned media from creative work is at its base, a coup for marketing PRtists, as it expands the reach of the ad campaign without adding to the ad buy costs (see: the strategy behind Super Bowl ads)

So, strategy goes, if the ROI on a creative campaign is increased by piggybacking earned media, imagine the increase to ROI when the creative doesn’t even need to be produced, let alone bought media for.

This strategy is risky, yes, but it vibes in stride with the risqué identity of the brand.  Let’s send 60 swinging stractical points to

Ashley Madison proposed TTC ads courtesy of

Ashley Madison proposed TTC ads courtesy of


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