This is just friggin’ amazing

One of my Alma Maters, Humber College, has hit the PR payload when four students built a radio and made contact with the International Space Station.

With polytechnics moving strongly with pro-active MR and GR, stories like this do wonders in tying research to colleges with the strategy to remove the stigma that college/polytechnic education is somehow “lesser” than university.  (I speak only to a popular perception, of course) 

The strategy tree reads: If x (where x is relevant stakeholders: potential students, parents, funders, politicians) believes (through some type of research) that college education is “lesser” (not respected by employers, not able to bridge to graduate studies, etc.) raise colleges profile by showing x that in fact colleges do conduct research, are granting degrees and are teaching the skills desired by the workforce. 

As if to say “Hey there Ivory Tower, while you’re navel gazing we’re talking to space.” 19 Stractical Points for aggressive underdog media-baiting.