Personal Correspondence + The Internet = Public Correspondence


One of the responsibilities for many corporate communication professionals is to handle response from the non-media public to issues of branding, marketing and community The ability to treat each inquiry with care is important not only for the satisfaction of the inquirer, but for the very real possibility that a corporate response from anyone about anything is likely to bounce its way across the Inter Nets and into the eyeballs of thousands.

An example of  a great inquiry response from online job bank company Monster to a question about a song used in their latest commercial found on a forum dedicated to music in advertising:

Thanks so much for your interest in the music used in the Monster commercial, “Daybreak.”

The music is an original composition, created by Cherry-Tate Music Productions in New York. It was created solely for the commercial and is not available for other purposes at this time.


Hope this helps.


Roy Elvove

Director, Corporate Communications

Concise, empathetic and not at all pedantic. In honour of the NCAA tournament starting today, I’ll award 64 Stractical points to Monster for paying attention to the little things in corporate communications.


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  1. Great point. I’m glad you used a positive example too.

    Of course this isn’t a new issue. The web has just made it easier and faster to distribute information. Practitioners who remember the days before the web (how old do I feel?) will know that letters, or even face-to-face or telephone conversations, could find their way in to the public domain via “letters to the Editor”, talk back radio, and sometimes even television bulletins.

    I was given some great advice early in my career: If what you say or write would be published on the front page of a newspaper tomorrow, would you be embarrassed? If the answer is yes, don’t say, write or do it.

    That advice is even more important in the world of Web 2.0.

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