No Crossing The Blog Line

Apologies all around for not posting this week. Sometimes life happens.

Mark Cuban, the polarizingly (not a word) charismatic owner of the Dallas Mavericks has decided to ban bloggers from the locker room, creating a clear separation between newspaper reporters and bloggers. As of now, the only person affected by this ban is Tim McMahon who blogs for the Dallas Morning News. McMahon has written a few scathing articles recently about the state of the Mavs and many believe this policy stems from a grudge. Cuban denies there is bad blood and insists that the policy is put in place so that he would not have to grant media access to any and all bloggers who wanted in the locker room.

Questions raised:

– What defines a blogger vs. a journalist? Tim McMahon, as an employee of the Dallas Morning News is subject to that paper’s code of ethics where as Stractical abides by zero codes. We’re both bloggers though. If I started printing these posts and stapling them together, would I be a journalist?

– If this is truly a grudge response from Cuban, is it safe to say that he’s never heard the phrase, “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.” I guess that should read “Never pick a fight with people who have WiFi access and a laptop.”

Mark Cuban


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