McGuinty 180s, calling for smoking ban in cars with children

 Daulton McGuinty

Changing your mind in politics is never easy; flip-floppers I think they call them. PRtists know that spinning a reversal only leaves you dizzy so why not opt for a policy of openness, honesty and frankness. To that point, we award 16 (for the magical age in which second-hand smoke will go from illegal to merely frowned up) to Ontario Premier Daulton McGuinty for taking the piss out of an opinion adjustment:
The announcement marks a reversal for McGuinty, who once called such an idea a “slippery slope” toward a nanny state that infringes on individuals’ rights.

He says he was convinced to act by mounting evidence that smoking in cars is much worse for children than in a home. The premier also credited the doggedness of Sault Ste. Marie Liberal MPP David Orazietti, who introduced a private member’s bill banning smoking in cars with kids last year, and lobbying from Health Promotion Minister Margarett Best.

“I changed my mind,” McGuinty said this morning at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. “I think it’s the right thing to do for our kids.”

Changing one’s mind is human. People (voters) like human. Weaseling out of a decision by re-writing history is political cliche. McGuinty also picked the perfect location, Sick Kids Hospital, to make the announcement. The story is now about improving the health prospects of Ontarians, not Daulton’s loosing estimations of civil liberties.


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