“The Big Game” Advertisers Win Big with Earned Media

If you remember, it’s called “The Big Game” of course, because the NFL cried trademark over the name “Super Bowl” and forced advertisers to dive into the land of vague associations. But that’s for another post.

 Marketing Magazine reports that the $2.8 million price tag for 30 seconds of commercial real estate during Pigskinapolooza also came with the hardwood floors and marble counters of almost seven thousand news articles with 750 million impressions. The data was compiled by Cision.

It’s difficult to say whether companies like Pepsi and Budweiser get their money’s worth out of a 30 second spot alone — I’d think the writers’ strike made court But the earned media is indisputably valuable as participating brands get to jump onto the one time a year when commercial advertising is reported as news. Reputable news stories describing in detail the products being advertised build hype around the products and the companies for being robust enough to play in the Gridiron Gala.

Six plus the extra Stractical point to Super Bowl advertisers for bringing their paid-media message to the editorial side and a two point conversion for Cision for compiling the data and reminding us all how important media monitoring services are.

Nice how I wrote a Super Bowl-themed post without using the word “touchdown” or “fumble” ain’t it?


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