The Axis of a Shreddie

From AdNews:


Kraft Canada has begun a marketing campaign for its Shreddies brand of breakfast cereal. The campaign, called “Diamond Shreddies,” was developed by Ogilvy & Mather. The creative features images of the square pieces of cereal turned 45 degrees to form diamond shapes. The campaign purports to introduce a new diamond-shaped variety of the product. The intention of the campaign, which was tested in Alberta last year, is to reintroduce the brand and raise consumer awareness or it. The campaign consists of television and out-of-home advertising, along with a website at <; and a series of online videos. Public relations efforts include media relations, product placement and co-promotions. Redesigned packaging is accompanying the campaign, while an on-box contest offers consumers a chance to win one of ten diamonds.

The technical description of turning a Shreddie 45 degrees to form a diamond shape is deadpan gold. 18 Stractical points to O&M and Post for the great campaign and to whoever wrote this release.


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  1. I think this campaign is brilliant! It engages the consumer in a way that is very rare in the industry. They even have someone selling “the last of the square Shreddies” on Ebay!
    Absolute genius. This transcends advertising. It makes Shreddies a part of today’s culture.

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