Blogs you should know about: PR Watch

I’ve always argued on behalf of a free and competitive mass media environment; one that is inherently skeptical of corporate interests and makes the jobs of PR professionals tough. PR is effective because it engages audiences in a credible forum that can only when the media has editorial independence and a natural skepticism that equals or surpasses the skepticism of a saturated public.

It is with the same impetus that watchdog, consumer advocacy and bloggers have become the de facto critics of the public relations industry. PR Watch, run by the Center For Media and Democracy is a portal for PR criticism. The blog takes on the gamut of communications topics including the US election coverage, lobbying efforts, the tobacco industry, corporate front groups and video news releases. The site rose to fame with its extensive coverage of the Wal-Mart/Edelman incident where Wal-Mart was found to have sponsored a seemingly independent blogger who was documenting his cross-country Wal-Mart tour in an RV. While PR Watch and the CMD are highly anti-corporate and their political biases are worn proud, the blog discusses issues that have broad interest and appeal.

Every media relations professional should be reading PR Watch regularly if only to determine what types of campaigns are getting slammed and why. Sites like PR Watch create a bar to which communications activities have to rise to in order to compete with credibility.


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