Microsoft bids $44.6B for Yahoo — Mark Zuckerberg take note

Microsoft to buy Yahoo

AdAge (and the rest of the known universe) reports that the house that Bill built is ready to buy rival Yahoo in an attempt to stave off the complete and utter omnipotence of Google. Whether this is good or bad for shareholders, consumers, or my Yahoo mail client remains to be seen, but the communications play was helped immensely by readied endorsements from stakeholders:

Microsoft said already this morning it had gotten unsolicited feedback from publishers and advertisers that the move is the right step and will create a compelling marketplace.

Imran Kahn, an analyst at J.P. Morgan, released a note this morning predicting Yahoo’s board would approve the Microsoft deal.

“We think as search market becomes competitive, Yahoo is better off inside a larger company with strong balance sheet and technology expertise for further fuel its growth,” he wrote.

When big, industry-realigning announcements like this are made, it is vital to have the support of analysts, experts and other stakeholders of credibility. Those stakeholders are able to make claims and predictions about the business move without sounding inflated or self-serving. Think of it like a personal reference: If you’re trying to impress someone, telling them you’re a great person is far less effective than if a credible third party promotes your fabulousness on your behalf.


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