Students expelled from kissing on a bus – were their tongues going round and round?

A story out of Richland County, South Carolina reports that two high school students were expelled for kissing on a school bus. Apparently kissing violates the school’s “sexual misconduct” rules. The parents of the two students are appealing the decision. I just had to post the school board’s statement:
“The district does not discuss disciplinary action taken against individual students because of the confidentiality rights of students. Generally speaking, incidents of this nature are investigated by the appropriate school administrators, and students are disciplined according to board policy JICDA Code of Conduct. Rules of student conduct and consequences for violations are necessary for the orderly operation of the district’s schools and buses. The district stands firmly by any decisions made by the district administration and school board in student discipline matters.”

A fine bureaucratic boilerplate response for an initial media request but the school board must realize that this story has legs and should be crafting a defence of the specific policy, not just policies in general, lest the parents, students and late night talk shows control the message. If they can’t defend the decision in to the media, they’ll have a tough time defending it to the citizens of Richland County.


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